Food and Drink

Attendees with Adult or Child tickets are welcome to eat dinner with us. The buffet dinner will be served from 5 pm to 7 pm.  The menu will be finalized and posted here soon.  Adults will get one drink coupon good for 1 beer or wine.  Children in the downstairs child care option (ages 2-10) can either eat upstairs or can enjoy pizza and snacks provided in the downstairs hall.

Bingo Games

The bingo games will begin promptly 6:30 pm.   Children can play bingo in the presence of their parent.  Prizes for the bingo game winners will be cash payout.  Prize amounts will be finalized soon and will depend on sponsorships.  At present, it is expected that prizes for the bingo games will range from $100-$500.  There will be additional prizes awarded for some bingo games.  For example, the people sitting at the winner’s table may share a prize for one of the games.  Door prizes and drawings will be awarded throughout the evening.

There will be 6 regular bingo games throughout the evening and 2 special blacklight bingo games.  The first blacklight bingo game is expected to begin around 8:00 pm and will be played on special blacklight bingo paper with blacklight daubers (available for sale).  The final blacklight bingo game will be a blacklight blackout game beginning around 9:30 pm.

Blacklight Parties

After each blacklight bingo game, we will host a short blacklight dance party with blacklight and glow-in-the-dark fun.  Children can blow off some steam while parents can watch their kids have fun or can take a short intermission between the bingo sessions.  During the blacklight parties, we will turn down the lights in the hall and experience an immersive blacklight experience out of this world!

Costume Contest

Come dressed in a fun costume to match the theme.  Prizes will be awarded for best costumes.  Space (out of this world) or glow-in-the-dark clothing would be great.  Try on your best blacklight-friendly outfit to shine brightest and most colorful in our blacklight parties.


The (“Pick-a-prize”) Auction Raffle Tables will have several items to choose from.  You “vote” for your prize by putting tickets in the container associated with a group of items on each table.  Periodically through the evening, we will draw tickets and call out the numbers.  If your ticket is selected you can choose one of the prizes from that section of the table.

Cork Pull

Your cork pull ticket will let you draw a special cork from the wine table.  Your cork is good for a bottle of wine.  Every bottle of wine is worth at least $15, but some are worth quite a bit more.  The Catholic Daughters will hold your bottle until you are ready to leave.  Then the bottle can be delivered to your vehicle for you to take home.  Please let us know if you won a special bottle of wine – we want to know you enjoyed it!

Music and Dancing

Before and after the regular bingo games, we will have some music in the hall and opportunities for everyone to enjoy some dancing or socializing.